roche-supermarket-chain-founder.jpgAn 80-year-old grocery magnate is donating $20 million to help train teachers for Catholic schools and universities.

Patrick Roche, 80, co-founder of the Roche Brothers chain of 18 supermarkets in Massachusetts, credits his childhood Catholic school with embracing his family after his mother died.

Boston College will funnel the donation to the renamed Roche Center for Catholic Education to train college students to administer and teach in Catholic schools and universities nationwide, while also conducting research on issues concerning Catholic schools.

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  1. God Bless you my Roche!! This is the best news! As a parent, I couldn’t agree more in terms of the value of a Catholic education. If only the public schools would benchmark the best practices of the Catholic grammar schools and high schools (such as school uniforms, single-sex classes, minimal administrative overhead, and zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior) many problems could be solved.

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