Most pet owners are familiar with the torment that comes from their animals donning the infamous “cone of shame” – but not many of them are usually willing to go the distance like this guy did.

In a series of photos submitted to The Dodo by a woman named Sarah Proctor, an unidentified cat owner can be seen hanging out with his 6-month-old cat Rengar.

Rengar and his dad apparently do everything together – from playing video games on the computer to snuggling for afternoon naps.

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But then when Rengar was finally old enough to be neutered, the young feline was devastated to find himself wearing the dreaded white collar. Despite his dad doing everything to cheer him up, Rengar was still miserable and moping around the house.

The feline’s dad, however, was determined to cheer him up – which is why he grabbed his craft supplies and got to work on his own human-sized “cone of shame”.

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30 seconds later, Rengar’s dad was sporting the same white circlet around his head – and Rengar seemed surprisingly happier.

“Rengar was confused at first, then when he realized his dad was also wearing the ‘cone of shame,’ [and he became] more comfortable,” Proctor told The Dodo.

Now THAT is what we call a pawesome father-son relationship.

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