Conor Nickerson knows that he had a great childhood – but when he tries to remember details about birthday parties and family gatherings, his memory gets a little fuzzy. The 20-year-old college student would look at old photos of himself and wish that he could revisit all those fond childhood events.


While Nickerson could not actually go back in time, he used a little Photoshop to take another kind of trip down memory lane.


The Massachusetts photographer used the editing software to place pictures of himself as an adult into photos of himself as a child.


The older and younger counterparts can be seen playing music together, dressing up for Halloween, hanging out in the garden, and enjoying the weather at their New England home.


“Looking at these times makes me feel fortunate that I had a good childhood,” Nickerson told TODAY Parents. “I know it’s a privilege that not everybody gets growing up.”

Additionally, Nickerson says that his parents were incredibly moved by the sweet series.


“They thought it was pretty wild,” said Nickerson. “It was emotional for them, too, because, as they put it, I grew up really fast.”

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