Forget chocolate and flowers; this guy is seriously setting the bar higher for what it means to show affection for a significant other.

For a few weeks back in April, Zach Doell was always there to pick up his girlfriend, Brianna Garcia, when she got out of her classes at the University of Louisiana. Instead of checking his phone with the spare time in the parking spot, he started thinking of goofy and amusing ways that he could surprise her after school.

At first, he was happy enough just to lay on the horn and lovingly scream her name from across the parking lot – but then he got a lot more creative.

Every day for Garcia, he started dressing up in different outfits, greeting her with a hilarious new theme. He even started decorating his car to reflect the costume.

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One day he picked her up in an ‘ice cream truck’; on another day, he arrived in a pizza delivery car dressed as a slice of pepperoni pie; then, he showed up in a DIY Batmobile.

Even though Garcia would sometimes be a bit embarrassed, her boyfriend’s shenanigans soon became the highlight of everyone’s school day. One guy even offered up his old Prowler hot rod so Doell could keep up the fun routine.

“People kept begging me to keep doing it and posting the videos,” he told the Daily Advertiser. “They told me they looked forward to it every day.”

His efforts finally came to a crescendo after he was walking across a costume store parking lot to pick up a whistle for his NFL referee outfit and he saw a giant Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

Even though he knew it was a long shot, he decided to ask the workers if they would agree to take it for a spin to the university.

“I thought it would be awesome, but there was no way it would happen,” Doell said. “But then I thought, ‘If I don’t act now, I’ll regret it.’”

Contrary to his doubts, the women running the vehicle were delighted to oblige.

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With the Wienermobile as the cherry on top, Garcia eventually posted a compilation video of her boyfriend’s gag to social media where it was shared thousands of times. It even gave her the opportunity to get back at Doell.

When she was invited onto a local radio show, she collaborated with the hosts and pulled up in the university parking lot with the radio station’s van – and they of course laid on the horn.

“At first I was scared,” Doell told the Advertiser. “I had no idea who was honking. Usually, I’m the one who’s doing it. But then I was so impressed with her. That was the last thing I expected.”

(WATCH the video below)

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