Remember when news outlets were reporting on these funny-looking blobs back in 2017? Well, they will now be replacing plastic water bottles at a half-marathon in England.

Marathons are notorious for generating massive amounts of plastic waste through their excessive utilization of single-use water bottles – so as a means of helping out the environment, the Ooho! water pouches will be handed out to runners during the Harrow half-marathon in London on Sunday.

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Designed by London-based startup Skipping Rocks Labs, the biodegradable container is made out of a thin, flexible membrane composed of sodium alginate – a natural derivative of brown algae – and calcium chloride. It can either be ripped open, allowing the individual to drink the liquid out of the membrane, or simply consumed whole.

Each glob contains 250 ml each, costing only about 2 cents to make.

Other English marathons will be testing Ooho! packets filled with sports drinks later this month.

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