It all started with an idea to throw the greatest Halloween Party ever. But it would become an opportunity to give back in a big way.

Two months before the holiday, Katrina and I began working tirelessly to turn our home into the coolest, most frightening Halloween-themed house in the entire neighborhood.

While we succeeded in drawing a large crowd and creating memorable moments, we also were able to transform the fun event into a benefit that would feed the hungry.

So what we did we do? We decided to collect money from our guests, friends and family, and social networks, to contribute to a local food bank.

By the time the party had come and gone, Katrina and I were able to raise more than $600 that went toward the purchase of 400 lbs of frozen turkey, and 10 lbs of ground coffee.

The moral of this experience is simple; there doesn’t need to be a reason to give back. What started as a reason to get friends and family together, turned into an opportunity to raise money for a greater cause, an organization in need.

So how will you give back in the biggest or smallest of ways, especially as the Holiday Season rapidly approaches?

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