Help Others is a web community that features stories of kindness. Nothing is known publicly about the site, but the stories are powerful so I’m sharing them — I hope with the blessing of the owners. -Submitted by my friend and advisor in Canada, Harry (user name, KingHartuc)

Julie K. was unable to attend her brother’s wedding out of town because finances are tight while raising six children on her own. She shared her “poor me story” with one of the physicians she worked for who told a family member. A week later just days before the wedding, a stranger showed up with a card and $500.00 that said ‘Pack your bags and be with your family.'” (click on read more to hear another favorite, an idea that absolutely tickles us, and will inspire copycats)

Big Quarters by Anonymous:

Whenever I pass by an Elementary schoolyard, I pull any loose coins (especially Quarters) that I have in my pocket and pitch them over the fence, by the swing sets or sliding boards. As a small child it was a thrill to me to find a lost coin laying on the ground, (especially something as BIG as a Quarter!) and I enjoy the idea that I’m passing that excitement on to another small child.

I WILL be trying this!

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