In preparation for their mid-June barbecue, these young men have acquired all of the food and drinks necessary for a backyard bash – but they’re still missing one crucial ingredient: a father figure.

That’s why the boys took to the Spokane, Washington Craigslist in search of a “substitute generic father figure” to be the “BBQ Dad”.

Dane Anderson says that though he and his friends all know how to manage a grill, they’re not comfortable fulfilling the role of BBQ Dad – and since none of them live close to their fathers anymore, they thought that they could find a substitute.

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But the role of BBQ Dad can’t be fulfilled by any ol’ paternal figure from the street –. the boys have very specific requirements for all potential candidates:

Duties include:

Grilling hamburgers and hotdogs (whilst drinking beer)
Bringing your own grill (though this is subject to change. We will provide all of the meat)
Refer to all attendees as “Big Guy’, “Chief”, “Sport”, “Champ” etc. (whilst drinking beer)
Talk about dad things, like lawnmowers, building your own deck, Jimmy Buffet, etc.
Funny anecdotes are highly encouraged. All whilst drinking beer.

Desired experience:

A minimum of 18 years experience as a father
A minimum of 10 years grilling experience
An appreciation of a nice, cold beer on a hot summer day

We can’t pay you in money, BUT we can give you all the food and cold beer your heart desires. Grill for a few hours, then sit back and crack open a few cold ones with the boys. THIS IS A REAL AD. Do not hesitate to call if you are interested. Preference will be given to applicants named Bill, Randy, or Dave. Send us an email with a selfie and a little about yourself!

While the ad has since been removed from Craigslist, Dane Anderson and his crew are adamant about finding a dad for the party on June 17th. If you think that you’re man enough for the job – or dad enough for the job, in this case – leave a comment below.

(WATCH the video below)

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