Hillarys 22 Acts of Kindness listShe’s a nursing major in college so we already knew she wanted to help people, but Hillary Sadlon poured on the kindness for others even on a day when she could have been pampering herself.

After seeing someone post online about how they did it, the Seton University senior spent months planning how she could be kind, generous and thoughtful on her upcoming birthday.

She made a giant list and dubbed her scheme, “Hillary’s 22 Random Acts of Kindness for Her 22nd Birthday.” We loved the items on this list.

She told the Setonian school newspaper that making a difference has “a contagious rewarding feeling that comes with it.”

Among the many good deeds she accomplished, she donated blood, left inspirational notes on cars, weeded her grandmother’s yard, left a gift for the mailman, brought flowers to local nurses and brownies to the neighbors, and brought balloons to a special education class.

What would be on your list? Tell us in the comments below.

(READ the story in the Setonian)

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