steven peterson pets frozen deer-youtube
A man risked his life to save a young deer after it fell through the ice covering a freezing Minnesota river.

Steven Peterson didn’t know how long the doe had been languishing in the Kettle River outside Duluth when he first spotted her, but he knew every minute was critical.

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Peterson is deaf, and decided that trying to communicate with an emergency operator could waste precious time. So, instead of calling 911, he set out across the ice to rescue the deer himself.

Carrying a tree branch to spread out his own weight across the ice, he crawled out to tie a rope around the deer’s neck, before returning to pull the animal out of the water.

The deer was covered in ice but had only minor wounds. Peterson stayed with her for about an hour to make sure the doe, which he’d named “Miss Ice River,” could take care of herself.

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“I am so glad she is safe,” he signs in the video at the bottom. “Now we need to find her mother.”

(WATCH the video below of the actual rescue and Peterson telling the story)


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