After a homeless hero stood guard over a stranger’s money for two and half hours last week in the rain, his grateful new friends are making sure that he is properly rewarded for his kindness.

James John McGeown was walking past a courthouse in Glasgow, Scotland when he saw that a stranger had accidentally left their window rolled down. Not only that, but there was a purse sitting inside the car with a wad of money poking out.

Since McGeown didn’t want anyone to steal the stranger’s $600 (£450), he waited beside the car for its owner to return.

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When the freezing rain became too much for the good Samaritan to bear, he gave the handbag to the receptionist at the lawyer’s office.

The car belonged to John McMonagle, who had been inside the courthouse as a witness to his colleague Alyshia Orford when McGeown wandered by.

Shocked by the stranger’s kindness, McMonagle gave him $50 as a thank you.

“This man is homeless and alcohol dependent and an absolute gentleman,” said McMonagle, according to the Telegraph. “We were even having some banter on realizing I follow the opposite Glasgow team from him, [and] he said, ‘if I knew that I would have taken the bag!’.”

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After they parted ways, however, McMonagle wanted to go one step further. The chip shop owner from Clydebank then created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for his new acquaintance. The first $6,700 would go exclusively to McGeown, as well as 10% of any additional donations made to the campaign. The rest of the money is going towards charities for the homeless in Glasgow and Clydebank.

In just three days, the page has raised $22,000 (£16,675) for McGeown and his fellow homeless individuals.

McMonagle is currently trying to track down McGeown so he can hand over the money – just in time for Christmas.

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