Chamindu Amarsinghe was speechless this week to hear he will get $81,597 of the cash he found while cleaning the toilets at a Melbourne television station.

The immigrant found a sanitary bin flush stuffed with $100 notes, too many to count, and immediately called his supervisor.

For his honesty, the the cleaner-turned-fast food worker, who’s now studying IT in New Zealand, was rewarded with most of the money.

(READ the story and see a photo in the Herald Sun)

Thanks to Lola Collins for submitting the link – photo by oemebamo via Flickr and CC license



  1. While I admire his honesty, I doubt if I’d act the same way. If I found that much money in a toilet tank, I would assume it was misplaced ill-gotten gains, pocket it and keep my mouth shut. I’m very glad he got to keep so much of the money! In America it’d end up with the police getting involved, years of litigation and the state keeping much of the money (assuming it was ultimately awarded to the person who found it) for taxes and “fees.”

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