“A young disabled man who receives care for his life-limiting illness at a hospice run by a nun spoke yesterday of his decision to use a prostitute to experience sex before he dies.” Twenty-two-year-old Nick explained, “There are many aspects of life that an able-bodied person takes for granted but from which I am excluded. I had hoped to form a relationship when I went to university, but it didn’t happen.” (photo- Telegraph)


  1. Deeply disturbed
    Here is one letter I received in response to the above article:

    I am deeply disappointed and even appalled by the artical that you posted entitled Hospice Helps Dying Man Shed his Virginity

  2. Good story!
    I found the article – the entire article – very moving. He is a brave young man to have come forward with this truth. And while some are offended others of us are grateful he can show the world how simple pleasures should not be taken for granted.

  3. You mean… the guy in the CHAIR is human too?
    Awesome! Glad this sweet fellow got to find out what intercourse is like instead of just being relegated to a half-human twilight where busybodies and control freaks could enforce their irrelevant strictures. Disabled people are human beings – and, with true friends and understanding family, not just targets for isolation tactics that can no longer be foisted onto the masses.

  4. Good for you Nick!
    I too found this a moving article, and I certainly didn’t think it at all inappropriate. This young man’s honesty and bravery in talking about his experience should only be admired.

    Geri — please keep up the great work with this site. It is always a ray of light in my day.

  5. Delicate Subject
    When I first saw this Article, I wasn’t sure how I felt. There are so many issues and strong beliefs involved here. Frankly its something Fox news might air to generate discorse from extremeists in all quaters.

    From the perspective of GNN covering it, I try to see what is human and real about it. We all create and manage our own reality. Some folks have issues that are off the charts.

    Ok, everyone who has never made difficult, embarrasing or questionable choices about sex, in life, please raise your hands.

    🙂 Jmatt

  6. I’m raising my hand!

    Thanks for all the support and comments you people (up above)

    The power of news, you know what?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if some young sensitive girl was moved by his story and might seek him out for the relationship he is longing for.

  7. Reader Unsubscribes After Seeing This
    I got this note from a reader after I included Nick’s story in my Top Ten Good Newsletter last night:

    I felt quite uncomfortable when I read the article about a nun head of a hospice helping a young man lose his virginity. It shows just how far our society has come in calling good things evil and evil things good. If this is your idea of good news I am sorry you are so confused about the good things of this life

  8. Another Unsubscriber
    I’ve been promoting your site for months not only in personal emails but on our websites which have high rankings on Google. I thought this to be a family-friendly mailing or I would never have promoted it. I’m VERY disappointed that prostitution would be presented as okay when it’s illegal and certainly not in good taste in any way. There’s no need to give details on my disappointment about your publication or my choice to promote and link to something that can’t be shared in all environments. I feel you’ve really crossed the line.

  9. Give the kid a break
    I think Nick’s story was indeed Good News! Nick was completely above board with his decision, as he spoke to his parents, his caregivers, clergy, a lawyer, and doctors before deciding to request the lady’s services. It was not a capricious whim brought on by lust or a lack of self control; he was just trying to experience an act of intimacy which he had been unable to enjoy up to that point. I mean, give the kid a break – he was dealt a pretty terrible hand. His heart and mind were in the right place. As are Geri’s for reporting the article! Thanks for hosting this beacon of good news, Geri – it’s a tremendous relief from the everyday horror stories that monopolize the regular media!!

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