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After the horrible mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, the staff of Mercy Medical Center was busy caring for an influx of victims.

In the midst of treating or transporting ten of the wounded, a small gesture of kindness reached their midst.

TIME reports that the staff of the Lafayette General Medical Center in Louisiana had placed an order for ten pizzas to be delivered to Mercy in a show of support.

It turns out, the Lafayette hospital was inundated with victims from a theater shooting in July, and three hours after they began treating the injured, a pile of pizzas arrived courtesy of a hospital in Waco, Texas. Two months earlier the White Medical Center had to deal with a sad number of gunshot wounds after a biker fight broke out and wanted to show their solidarity with the team in Louisiana.rainbow-over-world-trade-center-Twitter-BenSturner-leverageagency

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Although, the pizzas were appreciated because they kept doctors and nurses fed when they had no time for breaks, medical personnel are all hoping the pay-it-forward pizza chain will end in Oregon.Nurse in_TuTus_JoeDimaggioHospital_courtesy

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The kindness wasn’t restricted to the inside of Mercy Emergency Rooms. Outside the medical center’s foundation in Roseburg, several hundred people had turned up to donate blood. With so many volunteers at one time, there was a lot of waiting to do. While people were very patient, local restaurants, including, ATRIO, Abbys, and Olive Garden, sent boxes filled with food and water.

(Photo of Louisiana pizza donation, released by Daryl Cetnar)

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