The Lesson: Most of us adore our pets. They help us experience a direct heart-to-heart connection and unconditional love – but that experience does not have to end there. With a shift of perspective, we can also enjoy that feeling with other beings all around us—from a wild bird outside our window to a squirrel in a tree. Seeing these beings, and the family of all life, in a new way can ease loneliness and fill our days with deep joy and connection—enriching our lives beyond measure.

Notable Excerpt: “Realizing that we’re part of [the family of all life] can help free us from our prison of isolation, thinking that humans are only a community unto itself, isolated and walled off from the rest of the beings on the planet. But when we tear down those walls and we connect with the other beings, we feel a deep connection with the family of all life and we’re never lonely.”

The Speaker: Heather Chase is creator of the Fall in Love with Life online retreat. She is also co-author of the book “Great Peacemakers”, winner of more than 30 awards and endorsed by three presidents and three Nobel Peace Prize winners. She has appeared on national television and received a Giraffe Award from The Giraffe Project for “sticking her neck out for the common good.”

The Course: This lesson is from Heather’s online retreat, Fall in Love with Life. The course reveals simple but powerful ways to embrace the hidden wonders of life and find more joy every day. It strengthens your connection with yourself, other people, nature, and animals. It helps you awaken to the wonders all around you—hidden just beneath the surface of everyday life—changing how you see the world forever and giving you a richer experience of the astounding gift of being alive.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below) – Photo by Andrea O’Connell, CC

For more insights, check out Heather’s Fall in Love with Life online retreat here.


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