The Lesson: We all know that eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly are both key elements to living longer, healthier lives – but what about loving yourself? Some bodies of research suggest that self-esteem is just as essential to our wellness as typical healthy lifestyles.

Notable Excerpt: “We know that one of the greatest challenges to health and wellness – and frankly one of the greatest causes of all disease – is something called systemic inflammation. And here’s what we know: simply raising our happiness, emotional positivity, and optimistic outlook on life through self-care is one of the greatest ways to affect systemic inflammation [so] you become more alive.”

The Speaker: Dr. James Rouse, is a naturopathic physician and functional medicine expert who has studied nutrition for over 25 years and believes that “food is medicine”. He created Healthy Skoop to provide convenient, healthy, nutritious foods that are plant-based, sustainable, ethical – and tasty. 3% of all sales provide grants that bring fresh produce to school lunchrooms.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below)

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