The Lesson: Having a diverse background is not something that should hold you back in today’s society – in fact, it’s an advantage that should propel you forward. Rebeca Hwang talks about the importance and significance of having a diverse background and all of the benefits that it brings to your personal identity.

Notable Excerpt: “Now, today my identity quest is no longer to find my tribe. It’s more about allowing myself to embrace all of the possible permutations of myself and cultivating diversity within me and not just around me. My boys now are three years and five months old today, and they were already born with three nationalities and four languages. I should mention now that my husband is actually from Denmark – just in case I don’t have enough culture shocks in my life, I decided to marry a Danish guy.”

The Guest: Rebeca Hwang is a co-founder and managing director of Rivet Ventures, which is a company that invests in solutions for women and empowers their choices.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below – or read the transcript here)

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