We live in a world where controversy and atrocity gets more views than uplifting stories. Because of that, our top media outlets have been incentivized to publish the most triggering aspects of society.

For a long time, I strayed away from the news. Not because I didn’t want to be informed—I did. I just really couldn’t stand waking up every day to the worst aspects of the world.

Recently, though, I decided to dive back in head-first and start publishing a 10 minute daily news segment on my podcast.

I wanted to offer an alternative dialogue—not just by sharing uplifting stories, but by also going head-first into current events and still coming out with inspiring and empowering perspectives.

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I won’t lie. It was a big challenge, and for the first couple of weeks, I was feeling extremely heavy and drained. I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d be able to continue with the show, and was close to giving up on the project.

But I was entirely committed to not only be capable of being with the world myself, but to share that capability with the larger spiritual and conscious community. So I kept going.

Around Week 3, I sat in meditation and had a huge realization: “It’s not NEW. It’s AWARENESS.”

That one idea shifted everything for me.

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Let me back up a bit, and I’ll explain what that means and why this was such a huge shift for me. Back in college, when I used to watch, read, or listen to the news, I’d be overcome with sadness at the state of the world. I’d think, “How could this be happening? We should be further along than this.”

But recently, with further reflection on ideas like, “All suffering is simply arguing with reality,” I decided to attempt to re-enter the news with that perspective. I hoped to stay empowered and full by setting the intention of complete acceptance of all of it.

If everything in the news is truly a part of the world we live in, I saw an opportunity to increase my capacity to be with that reality—and accept it.

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That’s where I began the journey, but as I mentioned, after just a couple of weeks, I was already feeling drained and having trouble finding that place of acceptance.

Then came this idea in meditation: “The news isn’t new. It’s awareness.”

That’s when it all clicked into place.

I had trouble accepting the news when I believed it was all happening suddenly out of nowhere. I unconsciously believed something like, “Everything was great, but now there’s this atrocity that’s happening! Can I do anything about it? Maybe…”

But with the recognition that the current state of the world exists, regardless of if I know about it or not, I found a little pocket of peace I didn’t know was possible.

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Here’s what changed:

Every news article I read became a sign of awareness to something already present. That little shift of perspective altered the way I viewed everything that came across my screen. And as many have come to see in the spiritual and transformational spaces… awareness is the first step to change.

When we understand a limiting belief or personal habit, we have the power to make changes and face it head-on. We can change it.

That means…

All the articles I was reading (even and especially those highlighting the worst aspects of the world) were actually signs that we were ready to shift and deal with these things as a collective.

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Huge scandals, the rejection of basic human rights, articles about climate change and nuclear threats—it was all ready to be seen in a new light. That’s why it was in the news.

I recognized how excited I got when something new arose within me to be seen, heard, and transmuted into a fresh, higher perspective. Why was looking at the world any different?

The news is awareness. It’s the global spotlight of awareness shining on everything that’s ready to be transmuted into a newer, higher truth. From that higher vantage point, there was nothing I couldn’t deal with.

I found myself happy to see attention drawn to challenging global crises, because I knew how many other people were seeing it too. I knew now, a window for change was opening.

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If we want to press deeper into unity and oneness, it takes including all aspects of our planet and collective in our healing process, including our darkest shadows.

That’s why the highlighting of really terrible aspects of our society is actually a really good thing.

I’m not going to say I’m 100% joyous in the face of challenging stories. But the more I lean in, especially with this perspective, the more I recognize my capacity to be with the world as it expands.

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It’s entirely possible to walk out of the news every day feeling uplifted and inspired from watching the global spotlight of awareness bringing light to the shadows every day.

So if you do decide to open up that News app, and start scrolling… Remember, it’s nothing new. The world is here, whether or not we report on it or see it.

Instead, these articles represent the very awareness that transmutes the shadows to the light. It’s not atrocity; it’s the awareness of atrocity.

Feel it?

It’s the truth about our global scene. Every day, every article, there’s more awareness, and a better global society for our future generations.

David Hrostoski is a channel and host of “The Highlight Real Podcast”, where he explores current events with perspectives that leave you informed and empowered every morning. He is a firm believer in whole-based perspectives and collective evolution through grounded spirituality. For more ideas like this one, find out how to listen to The Highlight Real podcast in your favorite app at Indivinus.

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  1. Thanks David. That feels like a good way to look at it. One reason I came to this site (goodnewsnetwork.org) was because I was feeling drained reading mostly negative news in usual news sites from around the world, and needed to only see positive stories. I’ll think of this (i.e. its awareness) when I see a negative story next time 🙂

  2. It’s a great point of view,we are more and more aware of whats happenning,unfortunately the ones who manage the media are not aware so the way the present the news has a plus of negativity,that one it;s more difficult to overcome.

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