Grains in Roman market-Giampaolo-Macorig-CCThe Indian government this week launched an ambitious food distribution program to make sure grain gets to millions of malnourished children and adults rather than rotting in grain silos.

Under the $22 billion-a-year National Food Security Bill, 75% of rural dwellers and 50% of the urban population would get five kilograms of grain per month at the subsidized price of 3 rupees (five cents) for a period of three years. The program would massively expand an existing program that provides food to 218 million people.

Pregnant women and families with children up to age 14 would get extensive benefits for buying food.

(READ the story from CNN)

Thanks to William F. for suggesting the story from Ontario!
Photo credit: Giampaolo Macorig-Flickr-CC

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