homeless.jpgA beggar has never been given respect in society, but this one from Bihar has received plaudits and has emerged as a harbinger of hope for his dedication towards social service.

So far, he has conducted marriages of 78 destitute orphans, spending money that he collected during 25 years of begging. His achievement is all the more matchless because he is blind by birth.

His beautiful singing — in buses, trains, village squares and market places — earn alms in return, but unlike others who spend the money on themselves, Yakoub spends most of his alms restoring smiles on the faces of villagers.

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  1. He is amazing!! What heart and soul. He puts a whole different perspective on my petty little problems living with a good job, car, computer, own home, and more than enough of what I need. Mohammed Yakoub is one beautiful human being.

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