The heroic canine who won hearts across the internet after escorting a group of kindergartners across a busy street has been given a stylish new home for his bravery—and a “people’s choice” award to boot.

Although the pup has been given many names by the locals, he is currently being called Kupata—which means “Sausage” in English—because of his affinity for free snacks at the local butcher.

The stray pup became internet famous earlier this month after he was filmed running to the rescue of the children at a crosswalk in Batumi, Georgia. By the time he was done scolding the nearby vehicles, the kids were able to cross the street without interference.

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Nona Zakareishvili, a local woman who has been feeding Kupata for the last few years, told Radio Tavisupleba: “He loves kids so much. If he sees them wanting to cross [the road], he will immediately go to their aid, and may even wait for them in the park.”

Upon hearing about his good deed, the Adjara Tourism Department honored the pup by presenting him with his very own doghouse. Not only that, the doghouse is emblazoned with a “People’s Choice” star depicting Kupata’s name.

“The popular Kupata now has his own home. He was only aiming to help kids safely cross the streets, but it has amounted to so much more. The employees of the Department bought him a home with the words: ‘People’s Choice’. That is something he certainly well deserves,” reads a translated version of a Facebook post from the tourism department.

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