Throughout history, the debate has continued about whether people can receive signs from the afterlife — but after witnessing a mysterious glitch on his iPhone three days after his mom died, even an investigative reporter has become a believer.

Brad Brown is retired from the Washington Post and WTOL-TV in Toledo, Ohio. He also is the son of Janet Brown, who was reportedly one of the most highly-ranked women working at the Pentagon.

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Brad was grieving her death in February, and had started making funeral arrangements when he received the strange sign through his iPhone mail app.

When he tried to check his email, Brad’s screen only showed a cloudy image of a photo that was stored somewhere on his phone – a photo of his mother Janet.

Janet was buried earlier this week in a military ceremony at Arlington Cemetery, but three months later her fuzzy photo still lingers in the background of Brad’s mail app. Apple experts were stumped by how the image appeared in such a weird way, but they all agreed on one thing: they wouldn’t want to fix such a special glitch, even if they could.

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