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22 different Palestinian and Jewish kids taught a lesson of peace and friendship for their grown-up counterparts in Sao Paulo.

The friendly atmosphere invaded the tiers of Palestra Itália Soccer Stadium as well – adults from all the communities, Arab and Jewish alike – sat side by side to enjoy the game.

The match is part of the Project Gol da Paz (Goal of Peace) organized by an NGO, the Brazilian Soccer Confederation – CBF, the State Soccer Federation, soccer club Palmeiras, and the Middle Eastern communities.

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“This kind of action coming from governments isn’t enough – we need to connect nations and start doing that with the kids,” says Gabriel Holzhacker, vice director of the NGO that organized the project.

Brazilian soccer champion Pelé – who is widely regarded as one of the world’s best players – also joined the team to promote peace their efforts. Knowing the importance of soccer in promoting peace and social transformation, Pelé also donated a signed jersey for the event.

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