snowed-in food deliveries for stranded drivers

Following a series of crashes that shut down one of the busiest highways in America last Wednesday, Monroeville residents John and Sharon Ambrose gathered as much food as they could, and John delivered it to motorists who had been stranded for hours on the Ohio Turnpike.

Pulling a makeshift sled made from a wheelbarrow, he trudged through the snow pulling a case-and-a-half of water, bananas, sandwiches, applesauce, snacks, and even some diapers, on a mission to find motorists in need.

“It was such a good experience,” he told the Norwalk Reflector. “It was just a really good experience.”

(READ the story, w/ more photos, from the Norwalk Reflector)

Ambrose family photo – Thanks to Alyssa Loveless for submitting the link!

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