You may have already seen a few news stories about teachers carrying their students’ babies—but this might be the first time we’ve read about a state judge lending a helping parental hand.

Earlier this week, Tennessee Court of Appeals Judge Richard Dinkins was filmed bouncing a 1-year-old baby on his hip as he swore in a new lawyer to the state bar.

The infant’s mother, Juliana Lamar, had just graduated from Belmont University College of Law in Tennessee—and as she was preparing to recite the oath, Judge Dinkins insisted that he wanted Lamar’s son Beckham to be a part of the career-affirming ceremony.

“On the day of my swearing-in, right before we began, Judge [Dinkins] said he wanted Beckham to take part in the moment,” Lamar told BuzzFeed. “And I am so glad he did—because to have my son take part in one of the greatest moments of my life was truly a blessing.”

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Since Lamar’s colleague Sarah Martin uploaded a video of the sweet ceremony to social media, it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times—and Martin says that she is more than happy to help share Lamar’s inspiring story.

Lamar is reportedly one of four women in their class who got pregnant during law school. Thanks to the support of her husband, Lamar says she gave birth during her third year of school and proceeded to graduate this week.

Martin praised Lamar’s determination in a tweet saying: “She was back at school within a week of an emergency C-section before she was even allowed to drive or climb stairs … women are amazing.”

(WATCH the heartwarming clip below)

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