Video released by Duran Duran on Youtube shows shows drone light show over Kennedy Space Center Wednesday.

Watching a spectacular drone light show under a full moon at the Kennedy Space Center, while listening to a hauntingly beautiful orchestral performance led by Duran Duran, synced with video of the moon landing… Maybe it’s the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 achievement.

The Amsterdam design firm Studio Drift launched the special edition of their spectacle—called Franchise Freedom—at the Kennedy Space Center Wednesday night.

The dynamic aerial sculpture features 300 glowing, autonomous Intel Shooting Star Drones. The unchoreographed display was accomplished thanks to finely-tuned algorithms. Each drone acts and reacts in real-time to its network.

The result is a spellbinding replica of starlings in slow-moving flight.

In front of a big-screen showing video highlights of the Apollo rocket lift-off and moon landing filmed a half century ago, Duran Duran, the British New Wave band best known for their hit single “Hungry Like the Wolf” performed an aptly-named composition “The Universe Alone,” backed by a string ensemble and choir.

The orchestral arrangements soared as high as the drones, making for an unforgettable evening.

“I was completely enchanted by what they had created. I’d never seen technology like this be used in such an emotional way,” says band founder and keyboardist Nick Rhodes.

(WATCH two clips of the performance below…)

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