When this 44-year-old farmer saw people in his village struggling to maneuver their long and winding roads, he took it upon himself to make a shortcut.

Nicholas Muchemi is a coffee and tea farmer in the Kenyan village of Kaganda who used his own tools to carve out a new quarter-mile stretch of road in the area.

Prior to Muchemi embarking on his labor of love, villagers were forced to take a much longer route around the steep hills—now, children use the newly-dubbed “Muchemi Road” to get to school; mothers travel shorter distances to get to the nearby market; and neighbors can easily hike to the church at the top of hill.

Every day for several long summer weeks, Muchemi would finish his daily farm work and spend each of his evenings forging the road.

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Once it was finished, Muchemi says that he was not expecting to receive anything in return—but the neighbors were quick to shower him with gratitude. Not only that, the local government thanked the intrepid farmer by giving him a new cow and a roof for his house. They have also promised to gravel and maintain the road in his honor.

When asked about why he did it, Muchemi simply told USA Today: “I was born with the ability to do this. I also love what I do and I like helping my community. I’m an adult and I had to do something to help people and solve their problems.

“I feel overjoyed that I did work that makes everyone happy,” he concluded with a smile.

(WATCH the video below) – Feature photo by Ndagìtarì Kìnyùngū Mìcheke Jnr

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