A young man is being hailed for keeping the community safe last week when he was spotted holding up a broken stop sign in sizzling temperatures.

Randy Jones had been putting up warning markers for new highway construction in Oklahoma City when he saw Logan Duncan standing in the heat with sign in hand.

When Jones stopped to ask what the youth was doing, Logan said that he had been driving down the road when he noticed that someone had run over the stop sign at the intersection. Not only that, he witnessed what could have been a dangerous car collision because of the sign’s absence.

So when he went on his lunch break at work, Logan drove back to the intersection and held up the sign to prevent any automotive accidents.

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Touched by Logan’s gesture, Jones called city workers and asked them to come by and fix the sign. A while later, the stop sign was standing tall once more, but not before Jones could snap a photo of the young man holding the sign.

He later posted the photo to Facebook where it garnered thousands of appreciative responses and praise from social media users.

“He was standing out in 95° weather with no water and he did it for free,” Jones wrote. “Hopefully this gets back to this young man. You did a good job and I’m sure the citizens of the city of Oklahoma city appreciate it as well.”

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