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The final game of Argentinian football player Diego Milito was a must-see for soccer lovers here, and when a boy needed a boost to view the departing athlete, a 10-year-old on crutches had just the ticket.

A photo of the pair taken on the sidelines grabbed headlines after Santiago Fretes lent one of his crutches to another Argentine fan so he could watch the game – one Racing team fan helping another.

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Frete’s mother, Sabri Bonomo, took the picture that quickly went viral and stirred emotions outside of sporting circles.

“I saw Milito walking around the field and my friend couldn’t see him because of a billboard, so I lent him one of my crutches so he could enjoy with me,” Frete told the newspaper, El Argentino Zona Norte.

The boy’s right leg had been amputated due to a disability at birth, but despite always being on crutches, Santiago is well known at Racing’s youth division trainings.

His mother says he is quite skillful playing soccer. “I usually make videos of his moves when he plays indoor soccer at cidade Pillar”, says Sabri Bonomo referring to a city located 58km (36 miles) outside the nation’s capital, Buenos Aires.

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According to Santiago’s mother, the family is awaiting the arrival of a prosthesis from the government.SHARE the Perfect Picture of Friendship… Pass it on.

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