kidney-donor-craigslist.jpgA California woman who had never visited CraigsList before arrived in search of a volunteer opportunity and found a message that read, “Please Help us, My Dad Needs a Kidney!”

Daniel Flood’s three daughters had posted their plea in the Volunteer section of the online classified site, which offers everything from cars to real estate, piano lessons and pet services.

Facing a waiting list for kidney donors of 2-6 years — and a dire diagnosis that gave him six months to live without one — the family was desperate.

His daughters’ ad was answered by Dawn Verdick (photo above), who had just experienced the death of a loved one. Her rare O-negative blood type was a match to the 68-year old father, so she flew to New York.

Now the three sisters have set up a service to do the same for other people. (

(Read the inspiring story at CNN)

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