At first glance, Natalia Juanero and Rhonda the Rhino may seem an odd match.

But the spunky six-year-old girl and the celebrity rhinoceros bonded instantly during a hands-on visit at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Rhonda and Natalia share the same goal:  beating cancer.

The two met this week at a preview of the zoo’s annual “Dream Night,” which gives patients from Children’s Hospital some one-on-one time with animals.

“I think it’s really significant to see that kids have a hard fight against cancer, and so do the animals,” one parent told KCBS News.gorilla-hug-Tansy-Aspinall-Foundation-YoutubeGrab

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Natalia, a huge animal lover, wants to be a veterinarian. She has a dog, a cat and an aquarium full of fish at home. She said Rhonda felt like a lizard. She should know. She has two of those at home, too.

Two-year-old Charlie Pope has a condition which damaged one of his eyes. He got to slide up alongside a seal who also sees life through injured eyes.

“Dream Night” is celebrated annually at zoos around the world on the first Friday of June. You can contact your local zoo to learn more.

(WATCH the video below or READ more at KCBS News) – Photo via KCBS video

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