An adorable fluffy kitten has just been rescued from the Kentucky cold thanks to a local police sheriff who knew exactly what to do.

The cat had been frozen to a boat dock in Mercer County, Kentucky for eleven hours after it had accidentally tumbled into the water, climbed out onto the shore, and icy temperatures caused its paws and fur to stick to a rock.

Roy and Laurie Jasper, an older couple who lives near the marina, saw the kitten’s predicament and called for help.

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Mercer County Sheriff Ernie Kelty arrived on the scene and proceeded to pour warm water onto the kitten’s paws.

Once its feet were free, the sheriff then cut off the kitten’s fur that was still stuck to the rock.

Kelty kept the kitten warm under his shirt until he could pass it off to the Jaspers.

The couple has since adopted the stray kitten and named it Ernie in honor of his clever rescuer.

(WATCH the video below from LEX-19) – Photo credits: LEX-18 News video

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