A Florida woman was saved from a stroke after she asked for help from her two Labrador retrievers last month.

In addition to living with her grandson, Maureen Hatcher lives with her two dogs: Bella and Sadie.

She was alone with the pups at her home in St. Augustine when she suddenly collapsed and found herself barely able to speak, let alone call for help.

When the dogs came to investigate the source of her distress, they immediately knew what to do.

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“I remember Sadie coming in and I said … ‘Mommy needs help,’” Hatcher told First Coast News. “And then, they were gone.”

Hatcher’s doorbell camera captured footage of the Labs running out of her front door and into the street. Minutes later, they can be seen returning with Hatcher’s neighbor, Alexandra Naspolini.

Though Naspolini was anxious about entering Hatcher’s home, she knew something was wrong. She then found Hatcher on the ground and called 911.

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Paramedics arrived on the scene just in time. They wheeled Hatcher into the ambulance and gave her medical treatment before the stroke could do any serious damage.

Since strokes need to be treated as quickly as possible, the emergency rescuers say that Hatcher’s dogs undoubtably saved her life.

“By rights, I shouldn’t be in the shape that I’m in,” Hatcher said. “I am blessed… very blessed.”

(WATCH the video below)

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