Lawyer Alex Thomason 2 with fire truck screenshot KHQ

At the height of wildfire season, a Washington state lawyer bought a vintage fire truck to protect his home. Two days later, he was out saving other people’s houses.

After Alex Thomason purchased the truck, he took a brief, four-hour course on fighting fires. He then used a Facebook community to find like-minded folks and they all rolled out to fight the wildfires burning through the Pacific Northwest.Firefighters FB Saskachewan Govt

Store Manager Camps in Parking Lot To Serve Meals to Battling Firefighters

“My wife thinks I’m crazy,” Thomason told KHQ News.

Clifford the Fire Truck screenshot KHQOther people in Okanogan County, Washington, might think he’s a hero. The lawyer and his amateur fire crew have fought to keep wildfires away from homes and dug fire lines to contain the blazes.

The video below shows Thomason and his crew with “Clifford,” (pictured left) his firetruck, beating back a blaze from an elderly person’s home, after the owner had fled the approaching flames.

(WATCH the KHQ News video) Photos: KHQ video

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