Bikers widow ring -KARE vid

A simple request was enough to rally a group of Minnesota motorcycle riders to hit the highway searching for a keepsake of love.

Rhonda Thill lost her husband, Randy, in a motorcycle crash last month and sometime during the tragedy his wedding ring had also flown off.

Rhonda Thill widow ring -KARE vid

After word spread that she was hoping to recover that symbol of her 18-year-marriage, more than a dozen bikers – some she didn’t even know – headed out to Highway 61 to find it.

It took less than an hour for one of the men – on their hands and knees in waist-high grass – to spot the gold ring glimmering in the dirt and deliver it to Rhonda.

“It just kind of feels like I’ve got a piece of us back together,” Rhonda told KARE-TV.

Rhonda says she’s grateful for the kindness of strangers who banded together to bring her husband’s ring home.

(WATCH video below from KARE) – Photo: KARE video

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