One of the latest and brightest tech revolutions is being implemented into a French office space – and if proven successful, it could start delivering speedier and safer data around the world.

Philips Lighting, the world’s largest electronic lighting company, is test-driving LiFi: a wireless technology that broadcasts the internet through light.

Looking like a simple LED light fixture, each one installed in the French office is equipped with a small modem that makes the light flicker at such a speed that is imperceptible to the human eye. The light is then detected by a USB attachment inserted into the tablet or computer. The company says that if LiFi becomes more popular in the future, the tech could be internally built into most devices.

This setup means that any office space equipped with LiFi will benefit from quality, energy-efficient LED lights and a highly secure, stable and robust connection that has 10,000 times the spectrum of WiFi.

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LiFi, which is short for Light Fidelity, works similarly to WiFi – but with some very key differences. Since WiFi can only transmit internet through radio waves, it comes with significant shortcomings in terms of safety and space. WiFi has a much harder time reaching around walls and barriers, and the frequency can interfere with hospital and airline equipment.

LiFi comes with none of these issues. Additionally, LiFi adds an extra layer of security because it operates on a short-range basis that prevents it from being accessed without a direct line of sight.

Not only that, LiFi provides broadband connection with as much speed as 5 gigabytes per second – which means that a user could simultaneously stream several HD quality videos while having video calls without trouble.

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“Philips is the first global lighting company to offer LiFi-enabled luminaires,” said Olivia Qiu, Chief Innovation Officer of Philips Lighting. “LiFi has enormous potential for today’s digital age and as the world’s leading lighting company we are proud to pioneer new services for our customers.”

(WATCH the video below)

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