While the internet has made it exponentially easier to learn more about uncomfortable subjects from the comfort of your own home, the web is littered with false information and misleading articles.

On the other hand, most people probably don’t want to ask a librarian about where the books are on abusive relationships and drug habits.

That’s why this library in Syracuse, New York is making it a little easier for their guests to get reliable information without feeling embarrassed.

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The Fayetteville Free Library is being lauded for hanging a directory that lists the locations of “tough topics” according to their Dewey Decimal number.

The sign names every delicate subject from “STDs” and “pregnancy” to “abuse” and “suicide”. It also has a reminder at the bottom about how the librarians are ready to help any of their visitors in case they have any questions – no matter what.

A photo of the poster went viral after someone posted it to Reddit. It has since received an outpouring of praise and support over its ingenuity.

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One librarian chimed in on the conversation by saying: “The majority of librarians are wonderful, helpful, nonjudgmental people. If you encounter a librarian who is not these things, please don’t think we are all like this. I have worked in academic and public and special collections libraries in both the north and the south for over a decade and have never worked with any librarian who was judging someone.”

Margaret Kingsport, Director of Innovative Family Services for the Syracuse library, told Inverse: “We are here to make sure that our community members are connected with the information that they’re searching for. They want to know something and we want them to know it.”

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