When you see only bills and junk mail delivered to your postal box, the arrival of a mailman is not very exciting.

But for one little boy who has no bills to pay, the man in blue delivers a daily dose of excitement.

Every day, four-year-old Carter Lawson dresses in his own version of a postal worker’s uniform and eagerly awaits the arrival of “Mailman Mike.” postman delivers books screenshot KSL

Mailman Sees Boy Reading Junk Mail for Lack of Books; He Has Books Now!

For the past nine months, the two have had a standing date to make the rounds together, delivering the mail and chatting up neighbors near Knoxville, Tennessee, while Carter asks lots and lots of questions.

“Every letter carrier has stops he looks forward to and this is the one I look forward to every day,” Mailman Mike told WBIR News. “He’s the the best part of my day. Not just because it’s at the end, because he’s such a cute little guy.”

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from WBIR-TV *NOTE auto-playing page, so adjust your speakers)  Photo: WBIR video

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