Gabriel Miller writes a story in The London Paper pointing to health experts who say the prevalence of apocalyptic stories in the news creates a bodily state that is "simply not sustainable in the long run without negative medical repercussions.” …

Even low levels of fear-induced hormones adrenalin and cortisol can be harmful to your health, causing conditions such as agitation, panic attacks, heart problems and even infertility.


"The issue is not one of turning a blind eye," writes Miller, "Rather it is one of balance and newsmakers should be called to account for their lack of news reflecting the positive side of life."

Clinical psychologist and consultant Dr Roy Bailey argues: “It’s up to the news providers to balance the bad news with the good news, and provide coverage more representative of the realistic nature of the threat.”

And, the article points to the Good News Network as a source for news that can lift you up, rather than — yet another source that can — drag you down. (The London Paper)

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