Sumatra rhino, Puntung, by Borneo Rhino AllianceOn Christmas morning, conservationists in Malaysia airlifted a young Sumatran Rhinoceros — one of the world’s most endangered animals — from an area where she had no hope of ever seeing another rhinoceros.

After monitoring her isolation for years, the Sabah Wildlife Department and Borneo Rhino Alliance flew the female rhino, named Puntung, to a forested reserve where she would encounter a potential partner.

“This is a fantastic gift for our uphill battle in ensuring the survival of this truly unique species and wonderful timing with Christmas, a time to give thanks for our blessings,” said Laurentius Ambu the Director of the SWD.

There was no sign that any other rhino had entered her range in years.

(READ the AP story in the Washington Post)

Sumatra rhino, Puntung, by Borneo Rhino Alliance


  1. 🙂 This makes me happy! To think that this group cares enough to help this one rhinoceros find some friends or a possible partner… it warms my heart and begins to restore my faith in humans.

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