After being separated during their parents’ divorce 16 years ago, and failed attempts at searching for his sister online, Erik de Vries swiped right on Josephine Egbert.

They flirted their way through several quick conversations using the dating app Tinder—until they realized they were being reunited for a reason.

“The first time I swiped her profile I had absolutely no idea,” de Vries told Mic. “In our next conversation, I started to get some clues and figured she might actually be my sister.

He asked her to share about her past, and when they met up in a cafe in Tilberg, they knew it was a “match.”

We’re not quite sure how neither of them caught wind of the physical resemblance right away, but through the happy ‘mistake,’ Josephine was additionally reunited with her other brother, Maarten, Erik’s twin, who said, “It’s too crazy for words.”

They are planning more visits between Holland and Belgium to rekindle family ties.

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[Correction: An earlier version featured a photo that was misidentified by European media, the actual subject of which has laughed, and called his photo’s usage ‘Twinder-gate.’]


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