Over the course of his 44-year career, Dr. Ramana Rao has cured or treated over two million people—and he’s never charged a dime for his service.

Rao is the compassionate sage behind the world’s longest-running free clinic. After earning his doctorate in 1973, he opened the little village treatment center the next day.

Initially, he only treated a few patients per day. Now, there are sometimes up to 2,000 people lining up outside the clinic doors near Bangalore, India.

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Rao provides everything from injections and medications to cataract surgeries—as well as dozens of services for oral health, skin care and general health. He even supplies his weary patients with food while they wait in line.

In addition to being assisted by his wife and sons—all of whom are doctors—he is also helped by a team of volunteers, many of whom are former patients of Dr. Rao.

Since broadcasting a plea for financial contributions eight months ago on the Indian crowdfunding platform Milaap, Rao’s clinic has received hundreds of donations totaling $86,000 (6 million rupees), so far.

(WATCH the crowdfunding video below) – Photo courtesy of Milaap

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