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This dog may be old, but his escapades taught an elderly couple some new tricks after he escaped from their home in West Virginia last weekend.

They went out to dinner leaving Pepper home alone during a thunderstorm. After returning early to check up on their precious 15-year-old corgi, they found it was gone.

As Pepper wandered through Charleston, he was eventually spotted by the mother of Matt Nelson, who has almost 7 million followers on his Twitter page, “We Rate Dogs”, which posts amusing reviews of mutts.

After Nelson’s mother saw Pepper almost get hit by a car, she scooped him up and took him home. Her son then turned to his social media followers in hopes of finding the corgi’s owners.


When that effort failed, the Nelsons took Pepper to a vet but discovered no microchip.

Unswayed from their mission, they decided to hunt for the owners the ol’ fashioned way, by putting up flyers in their neighborhood.

Mrs. Nelson, for some reason, had a sneaking hunch that the corgi belonged to an old man. So when she saw a senior citizen drive past them in his car, she told her son that Pepper might belong to the driver and suggested they ask him.

“I was like, ‘Mom, we can’t just stereotype,’” he told CBS News. “‘We don’t want to ask every old person if this is their dog.’”

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But somehow, following her intuition, she was SPOT-on!

Mrs. Nelson ran up to the driver and asked if the dog belonged to him—and they were blown away when he said yes.

The man was Harry Wallace, Pepper’s owner. He and his wife Buffy had been frantic over the pup’s escape – and even more overjoyed by his return. They were also bewildered to hear about his newfound fame.

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“Apparently Pepper has gone viral, which old people like us don’t understand,” said Buffy.

“Our grandson came in and said look at this, Pepper has 22,000 likes and I was like what are you talking about.”

After Pepper’s return, the Wallace’s grandson, Will Jenkins, posted an update for the Twitter page, saying that Harry “was happier than he’s ever been before!”

(WATCH the video below—our international viewers can watch the clip on the CBS News website)

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