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A California man did the right thing when a pizza place got his order wrong. He asked for chicken wings but Domino’s delivered $1,300 in cash to him instead.Money-money-photoby-401(K) 2013-CC

Homeless Man Reunited with Inheritance Thanks to Good Samaritan and Police

The delivery driver, who was supposed to drop off the money at a bank, had hidden the cash in a delivery box. He didn’t realized he’d accidentally given Mike Vegas the box with the money, until he arrived at the bank.

Vegas, meanwhile, had put the unopened box in his fridge and ignored the flurry of frantic phone calls from numbers he didn’t recognize throughout the workday.

Only after opening the box that night did he realized what all the calls must’ve been about.Homeless man returns wallet mom brain cancer screenshot CBS

Homeless Man Returns Wallet, $350 to Single Mother Battling Cancer

Vegas did the right thing and returned the cash to the pizza shop, where he another surprise waiting for him: the manager promised him free pizza for a year as a reward for his honesty.

(WATCH the video and READ more at KGO News) – Photo: KGO video 

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