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A volunteer on beach patrol who was looking for sea turtles, instead found a bag of money — and launched a week-long search to find its owner.

Meanwhile, a homeless man who’d received an inheritance from a relative, was hoping to use the cash to return home to friends and family in Pennsylvania.

The bag, discovered at a Florida bus stop bench, only contained half of his inheritance. A deputy sheriff spotted the other bag and together they contained nearly $10,000.

Police believed it belonged to the same person, but finding him would take some detective work.5yo boy waffle-house-homeless-Ava Faulk

5 Year-old Sings Grace for Homeless Man in Diner, Brings Tears (WATCH)


A receipt in one of the bags led them to a shopping mall. Security camera footage from one of the stores gave them a picture of who they were looking for — a homeless man police identified as “Joe.” But after days of searching, Detective Danny Mursell still couldn’t find him.

A week after the money was lost, and while Mursell was working on something else, he just happened to spot Joe drinking coffee and reunited him with his traveling money.

(WATCH the video below from WFOR News) – Photo by 401(K) 2013, CC

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