As a means of encouraging her students, this lunch lady has started turning lunchtime fruit into makeshift fortune cookies.

Stacey Truman, the cafeteria manager at Kingston Elementary School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, wanted to offer some inspiration to her students – so she started writing down little messages of encouragement on the bananas that she served for lunch.

Truman says that since she always writes messages of love on the bananas that she gives to her own kids, she wanted to provide the same daily dose of motivation to the youngsters at Kingston.

The students have affectionately called the healthy treats “talking bananas” – and Truman says that they are almost always gone by the time lunch is over.

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Kids aren’t the only ones enjoying the messages, either – school principal Sharon Shrewbridge was so touched by the gesture, she took a photo of the talking bananas and posted it to social media where it has attracted the attention of dozens of news outlets.

“[Truman’s] almost embarrassed about all the attention,” Shewbridge told Yahoo Lifestyle. “She just wanted it to be anonymous. But I said this is so simple and amazing — and it has such an impact on kids.”

“It’s simple, but these words can help them be more courageous and realize that they are good enough,” she added. “I hope that other schools see it’s an easy way to get a kind message to kids.”

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