This is an amazing update to the October story about the magician who made headlines when he ripped up a homeless veteran’s sign and turned it into money — big money.

After he met the veteran, who always holds a SMILE sign to inspire passersby, Rob Anderson set up a fund so his fans on YouTube could donate to the smiling homeless vet. He raised $40,000, but the ever-humble Alan McCracken only wanted a portion of it, so he could move from Las Vegas to California, where, according to Rob, his is now living happily.

What should he do with the leftover funds? He surprised a Navy vet who was suffering with some health issues, lost his job, and was having trouble paying rent and providing food for his family of four.

The beautiful family of Gulf War veteran Johnny Hicks was presented with rent for one year, money for food, furniture and new car, thanks to the humble Alan McCracken and generous strangers who donated to a veteran in need.

(WATCH the video below – and grab a tissue)

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  1. This is a great and amazing story. It gives hope to others and it encourages others to help. I know a retired Navy sailor whom is in the same predicament. He was let go during his contract when the Navy decided to downsize, aka the ERB. He didn’t want to end his career and was able to find a job within months. However the job, doing the same work at the same squadron, pays him $25,000 less per year and he now has to to pay for health insurance. He got behind on his mortgage and when he looked for help, he was turned down for every program available. The house went into foreclosure and he just had to file for bankruptcy. I don’t believe that anyone who has served our country should become homeless. He is now moving from VA to WI where his family is to live in a relatives basement. He will be leaving behind 2 of his 4 children when he moves. I don’t understand why there isn’t more help out there for veterans, especially the 1,000 sailors that didn’t chose to be let go.

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