girl jumps for joy - Photo by Sun StarA young stay-at-home mom in Maine admits that she had to think about it a for a minute when her eight-year-old discovered $4000 on the sidewalk by a Sam’s Club.

As for her daughter Abbie? “It never crossed her mind to keep it.”

The Cambodian immigrant who lost it said, “I felt like there was no hope I would ever get it back.”

The two families are now fast friends. But, after the original story ran in the local newspaper, a bank CEO stepped in to make it an even happier ending for Abbie.

Yahoo News reports he scored Justin Bieber tickets for the family to attend a sold-out show, after reading about the one thing Abbie would have bought with the money.

(READ the article from Portland Press Herald)

Thanks to Craig Withers for submitting the link! – Photo by Sun Star

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