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As a joke, a fire department in Maine presented its oldest EMT with a walking stick a few years back. She hobbled off the stage, playing it for laughs.

That’s because this 87-year-old volunteer at the Liberty Fire Department could probably run circles around half the seniors in town.

Edna Mitchell has been driving an ambulance for 37 years now, beginning every morning with a 20-minute workout.Spitfire-Lofthouse-PhotoCredit-Airwolfhound-CC-cropped

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She loves her work and just wants to help people in their time of need.

“I don’t drink, smoke or swear,” she told Bangor Daily News, when asked about her secret to longevity. “I used to say I don’t have any fun, but I do.”

Indeed, she calls volunteering for the fire department her “social life.”

Oldest Ambulance Driver driving WCSH-TV VideoLiberty Fire Chief Bill Gillespie has high praise for the octogenarian.

“People have a sense of relief to know that Edna is there,” Gillespie told Bangor Daily News. “There’s been a lot of times Liberty Ambulance wouldn’t have rolled out the doors if it wasn’t for Edna.”

Mitchell first became interested in medical care during World War II, when, as a high-school freshman, she helped with a first-aid class. At age 50, she left a long career in teaching to earn her Emergency Medical Technician’s certification and has been driving an ambulance ever since.

Mitchell’s license is up for renewal next year, and she figures it may be time to retire.senior-toddler-Emmett_Erlin_lawnmowing_familyphoto

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She is leaving a legacy, though. Two of Mitchell’s granddaughters and one great-granddaughter used to roll out with her on her rounds. Now all three have grown up to be EMTs, as well.

(WATCH the video below from WCSH-TV or READ more from Bangor Daily News) — Photos: WCSH-TV Video

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