Two years ago, Eugene Yoon changed a man’s life forever. Now, he’s addicted to doing kind things for other people.

The film grad felt like he was being called by God to do a random act of kindness for a total stranger. Eugene then heard about Arthur Renowitzky: a man who had been mugged, shot, and paralyzed eight years previously. Eugene became obsessed with trying to find a way in which Arthur could walk again.

Eugene eventually heard about an exoskeleton from ReWalk Robotics that was designed to help paraplegics walk again – the only problem was that it cost $80,000.

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Determined to earn the money, Eugene started hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in order to raise awareness for Arthur’s dilemma. When he was half-way through Washington state, his crowdfunding campaign reached its goal.

Overjoyed to see Arthur walk again, Eugene then vowed to continue his kindness career and find someone else in need of a boost.

Eugene turned his attention to a man named Alberto, whom he met on Skid Row in Los Angeles, California. Alberto cares for 24 family members living under one roof, and it’s apparently tough to make ends meet.

So Eugene did what any compassion advocate would do: he hired Alberto as a seamster to start a clothing line.

(WATCH the video below)


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